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Looking for Business Intelligence for solutions
Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Finance and Operations? 


Customer Success Story

PrecisionPoint-case-study-thumbnails-150x150This month, we are thrilled to highlight the incredible success story of 'Traditional Medicinals' and how they leveraged the powerful capabilities of Power BI to revolutionise their data-driven decision-making process. By implementing Power BI, 'Traditional Medicinals' experienced a remarkable transformation in their ability to gain valuable insights and visualize crucial information.

Let us help you transform your business and achieve remarkable success, just as we did with Traditional Medicinals.

Microsoft Partner

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Looking for Business Intelligence for solutions
Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Finance and Operations? 


Enhance your
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Reporting Capabilities

Are you finding it challenging to extract the necessary insights from Microsoft Dynamics 365? Do you encounter difficulties and invest significant time in creating new reports?

Microsoft Dynamics Data Services

Here at PrecisionPoint we've enhanced the reporting capabilities of all key D365 ERP modules to provide you with easy access to the data you need. These modules come with pre-made or 'out-of-the-box' Management Reporting Packs that cover 90% of an average business's reporting requirements. The remaining 10% of reporting requirements can be delivered via our Data Managed Service or ad-hoc Professional Services team. 

When is comes to the visualisation of your data, our D365 modules are reporting agnostic. This means we can push your data into any reporting platform, customers typically request:

  • PowerBI
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Tableau
  • Cognos
  • SSRS

When using our D365 Reporting Modules, our customers feedback the following benefits:

  • A Deeper Insight into their business: Uncovering hidden patterns and relationships their data and gaining a current and historic 360-degree view of customers, sales, finances, inventory and more.
  • Ability to make smarter decisions: Translate data into actionable insights that guide more informed actions. Optimise resource allocation, streamline processes, and make data-driven choices for maximum impact.
  • Be More Agile: React to market shifts and internal changes with confidence. Enhanced reporting equips our customers to identify and address challenges proactively, keeping them ahead of the curve.
  • Improve Collaboration: Break down information silos and foster seamless communication across areas of the business. Share data-driven insights with ease, promoting teamwork and alignment towards shared goals.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your Dynamics 365 data?

Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how our Data Extraction Services can transform your business. We'll help you turn data into insights, insights into action, and action into success.

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