Reveal - Advanced Azure Data Lake Extraction

PrecisionPoint Reveal allows full access to the data locked within your Microsoft Data Lake, extracting the information you need, when you need it.

Fully secured using the Azure stack, controlled via Azure functions, offered via SaaS model, and fully automated and secured, Reveal will extract then deposit data into your chosen SQL Server destination, giving you full unrestricted access to do with it as you see fit. All whilst providing an ideal balance of performance, cost, and usability when compared to the options within Synapse.

Unlock the potential of your Microsoft Azure Data Lake

Data lakes are great for storing all your data, regardless of platform, at a low cost.

But extracting all the data you need in a cost effective performant way isn’t easy! If you are looking to gain insight from your Azure data lake, we can help you extract all that information to support your analysis and strategic decision making.

Read our 1-page solution sheet on how Reveal works!

Why choose PrecisionPoint Reveal?

D365 data available in SQL Server


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