Data models – Push or Pull?

It’s a given that companies need data in order to function at their peak, but how many truly know how best to utilise the data that is inherent within their core systems, let alone the best practice for disseminating that data to decision makers – probably fewer than would care to admit it. This need […]

ZyXEL selects PrecisionPoint to unlock Dynamics NAV

Click here to see the complete ZyXEL Case Study ZyXEL , leading global suppliers of networking products, run multiple   instances of Microsoft Dynamics NAV across their multi-location company. To support business decisions, they need consolidated and often complex reports and analysis across regions and departments, something difficult to achieve cost effectively in their ERP solution. […]

Dashboards or Direct Access to the Data – The Reporting Conundrum

What BI tools do you need? When looking at “how to report”, the very first question must be; “how do you ensure that the information is trustworthy, valid and correct?” How you report on the information is somewhat irrelevant if you don’t have the reassurance that you are accessing the right information. The only way […]

How to mitigate against self-service polluting data

In this, the second of our two-part discussion paper, we look at how to mitigate against the risks of self-service BI tools allowing individuals to pollute key corporate data. Having reviewed who owns the data governance, you now need to address the tools in use throughout the organisation. Points to consider : The tools that […]

I already have reports why do I need Business Intelligence?

One could be excused for thinking that Business Intelligence, data analysis and reporting are all one and the same; surely, it’s just a semantic or a point of view. However, there are distinct demarcations between these commonly used words that help throw some light on your choices when it comes to gaining insight into your […]

BI and data warehouse – Why wouldn’t you?

Companies underestimate what is required with BI projects; whereas with ERP they just know it’s going to be hard! But with BI, they assume it will be easy and so frequently don’t budget enough for its success. There needs to be an understanding that BI is not a single-point-delivery but more a journey. The key […]

AGC Chemicals gains powerful insight to financial data with PrecisionPoint

Click here to see the complete AGC Case Study AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc. imports and processes specialty fluorochemicals and distributes hundreds of products throughout America, North and South. Their ERP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, provides many out-of-the-box reports, but these don’t meet all of their specific reporting needs. For that reason, in late 2011, ACGC implemented the […]

Why Data Governance before BI?

Challenge of BI – Discussion 1  In the world of BI, there are key challenges that affect all projects; (1) data governance, (2) partner support and (3) user adoption. Looking at each in turn, this is the first discussion paper on data governance. Active Data Governance First and foremost, let’s be practical, data governance is […]