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Looking for Business Intelligence for solutions
Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Finance and Operations? 


Customer Success Story

PrecisionPoint-case-study-thumbnails-150x150This month, we are thrilled to highlight the incredible success story of 'Traditional Medicinals' and how they leveraged the powerful capabilities of Power BI to revolutionise their data-driven decision-making process. By implementing Power BI, 'Traditional Medicinals' experienced a remarkable transformation in their ability to gain valuable insights and visualize crucial information.

Let us help you transform your business and achieve remarkable success, just as we did with Traditional Medicinals.

Microsoft Partner

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Looking for Business Intelligence for solutions
Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Finance and Operations? 


Helping businesses address their Microsoft Dynamics 365 'Finance' and 'Business Central' challenges...

Facing Dynamics 365 'Finance' or 'Business Central' hurdles? We unlock the full potential of your ERP system with PrecisionPoint software and expert consultancy. Experience streamlined operations, data-driven insights, and accelerated business results.

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Data services and application enhancements
for Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Business Central


We fill the gaps in standard Dynamics 365 reporting, providing you with an extensive range of ready-made Advanced Reports that delivers what your business needs.


We enable you to see what is happening but more importantly, why it is happening with a powerful Data Warehouse that allows you to drill down on every aspect of your business.


You may have multiple entities or do business across multiple currencies. We enable you to transpose this data in the way your business needs to see it and gain intelligence from it.


We enable you to proactively push key business intelligence and metrics to your leadership team, providing them with visibility and accelerating the time to insights.


We address your concerns of data integrity when exporting and manipulating information for reporting by maintaining a single source of the truth that is fully validated against Dynamics 365.

Empower your decision-making with advanced reporting and business intelligence.

Frustrated by complex, time-consuming reporting? Our 'ready-made' Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence solution delivers the insights you need.

Drill down into every aspect of your organisation and provide your leadership team with actionable data. Plus, for immediate results, leverage our comprehensive suite of 'ready-to-use' Power BI reports for Dynamics 365 Finance and Business Central.

Unlock the full potential of your Dynamics 365 data

We enable you to unlock the data held within your MS Dynamics 365 Finance and Business Central to deliver actionable business intelligence across every aspect of your operation.

We do this with our powerful Data Warehouse specifically built for Dynamics 365 and providing you with a ready-made single source of the truth from which to create intuitive dashboards, reports, and to analyse, drill down and view trends holistically across your business.

Intelligent Migration from Legacy Dynamics Versions to D365

Many businesses postpone addressing their Nav or AX reporting challenges until after a Dynamics 365 migration. We believe this is a mistake. Our solutions work seamlessly across legacy Dynamics versions and the latest D365, giving you critical insights into your data before migration. This visibility streamlines the transition process and ensures a successful outcome.

Address Your Challenges With Dynamics 365


With patented technology that self-reconciles and continually ensures data integrity.


With a single source of the truth, you can understand and easily access the insights, trends, KPIs & intelligence you need.


Reducing time and effort by automating key processes such as month end reporting and insights.


Our solutions work across Dynamics 365, Business Central, NAV and AX, either within Azure or on-premises.


Our fully managed service approach ensures your success in delivering highly valuable business intelligence.


PrecisionPoint is utilised and supported by an ever-growing ecosystem of Dynamics365 partners.

PrecisionPoint - Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting

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