XLGenerator limited time offer

25-percent-offWe recently announced a free upgrade to XLPublisher. Already many of our customers have taken advantage of this offer and are getting really good results from having enhanced capability described here

But, to get the very best from XLPublisher, clients have found that using XLGenerator to further enhance the XLPublisher reports makes great sense.

We are therefore very pleased to announce that our XLGenerator prices are reduced by 25% for any customers who purchase before the end of September 2014


shutterstock_108234140XL Generator Overview

Smart report creation and distribution


The provision of the right reports depends on what format your users want those reports in. Some users want a fully drill-able, interactive report, some would prefer a static report such as a PDF, or unlinked Excel spreadsheet.

Your business value improves when accurate, relevant information is delivered directly to the people who need it, when they need it.

PrecisionPoint supports all of these methods of distribution, and the journey starts with XL Generator.

Solution Features and Benefits

With an easy to use administration tool, subscriptions can be managed to control the recipients, report criteria and frequency.

  • Any report, including multi-InfoSet, multi-InfoGraph, multi-worksheet workbooks can be set to update in full and be automatically delivered.pretty xlg
  • Reports can be delivered overnight and read first thing in the morning.
  • Large, complex reports can be run during the night.
  • All filter options can be preselected for a subscriber, controlling the information they see.
  • Snapshot reports for filing can be scheduled (e.g. Aged debtors on last day of period).
  • The manual process of static report distribution becomes automated.
  • Reports are delivered to an email inbox.
  • Reports can be received at desktop or by a mobile device.
  • A distribution history is kept providing a report audit trail.
  • Trigger intervals can be set as daily, weekly, monthly or more specifically: last Thursday of the each month.
  • A distribution can be triggered by the PrecisionPoint update or run manually by a mouse-click (e.g., as soon as the last journal is posted).
  • Report subscriptions can make use of existing Outlook and Active Directory groups.

Once the report content has been created, it can be distributed as a fully interactive web report, or as a static report

Open in any browser or mobile device

Interactive tables and charts

Design your own home page

Define user profiles-read only, drilldown-only or full editor

Folder, user and cube security

Dynamic formatting inherited from XLPublisher

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