We have built our solution to be flexible, with modules to extend usage and to provide as complete a picture of your business as possible…

Extending your data platform

In addition to our intelligent data warehouse, we have developed a range of tools to manipulate or extend the data within the reporting layer, as follows:

External data module

An application to allow the import of data from Excel files or SQL – For example importing transactional data from an external system such as SAP, Oracle, CRM etc. or loading from excel based budget data

Grouping tool

A method of adding hierarchy structure where there is none within the source data – For example if you have 50 companies in Dynamics, but need to report on 5 groups of 10 companies, you can add a ‘grouping’ around each set of 10 as required, then just select the data at the prescribed ‘group’ level.

Financial Productivity

Our core solution integrates all sub-ledgers with a financial impact on the business, with the ability to drill to detail and to slice and dice data by any dimension. 

From day 1 you can be looking at profitability by product, sales area or by country, all in relation to budgets if needed, and comparing to prior periods.

We also speed up key financial processes that can occupy valuable resources for hours, days or weeks with the help of simple out-of-the box extensions…


If you have more than one Dynamics implementation, we can consolidate that into a single warehouse.  We can also consolidate data from multiple other ERP solutions into your core Dynamics system for reporting purposes.

Month-end application

A simple desktop app that initiates a sub 5 minute background task to see the impact of those recently added journals.

Common Currency

A module for International businesses that need to handle multiple transaction and reporting currencies

Deep Functional Insights

Advanced Inventory module

Enables an organisation to manage and track its inventory, from purchase order and receipt into the warehouse through to customer orders and eventual shipment. A firm understanding of the entire supply chain can be obtained from a single view of the Dynamics data

Projects Module

By combining the key project components such as sales and cost transactions, project tasks, inventory assigned to projects, budgets and resources, users are able to monitor projects with confidence

Production Module

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Enabling self-service (front-end)

Without a single integrated view across the business, a single version of the truth, it is common for different functions of a business to see different numbers as being accurate. Our data warehouse can be that single trusted source.

Allow users access to their own data through secure permission based controls, and to view through their tool of choice – powerful PowerBI dashboards for presentation or management by exception, Excel for deep financial analysis.  Or use any front-end BI tool that compatible with SQL.

Our expertise sits in developing high value BI software solutions to improve productivity and insight. But fitting your chosen infrastructure and ensuring continuity of service are important to you as well. Discover more about flexible deployment options…

Azure Cloud

Our development objective is to provide solutions on the platform of customer choice and to follow the Microsoft Dynamics roadmap, intercepting new technologies as early as possible through preview programs. Our solutions support full Azure SQL deployment.


Many of our larger clients continue to run in-house versions of Dynamics or require us to run inhouse or in their data centre alongside an Azure Dynamics source.  Along with our IT partners, we provide infrastructure sizing guidelines based on your database size.

Managed Services

Most suppliers offer solution support on a reactive basis.  We offer a fully monitored and proactive managed service, not only for the software but for the health of the underlying infrastructure and, uniquely, we monitor the accuracy of your numbers each time the data refreshes.

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