Upgrade to Dynamics 365

Our solutions are in place across the world, working against multiple versions and levels of customisation on NAV and AX, with Dynamics functioning both as the core customer ERP solution and often as part of a larger data landscape.

This journey has proven the solutions to serve up accurate and rich data to long term users of Dynamics NAV and AX, and has shown that there are many reasons why our solution can help you if you are considering, or are in the process of, migrating to a later version of Dynamics or an alternative ERP platform…

ERP migration projects are long and time consuming, and can often take more than a year to, Regardless, your company will always need access to data to make daily and key business decisions – even in relation to the migration itself!
PrecisionPoint can be installed and configured in a matter of days, allowing you to obtain greater visibility on your data without loss of focus on other projects

During any migration, be it to a later version of Dynamics, or away from Dynamics, it is critical to ensure that your data continues to be an accurate representation of your business. Our patented inbuilt reconciliation process provides access to your data in a way that simply isn’t available from NAV or AX directly, giving you an accurate view of data both pre and post migration

If you are moving to a later version of Dynamics, but have elected to migrate at a ‘balance’ level only, you will loose all granularity on your legacy data – Our solution can capture your legacy data and consolidate with your new Dynamics solution, providing access to all of your business information without the need for migration within the core ERP project

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