250-videosPrecisionPoint is designed to be easy to use

Most people find that the ‘out of the box’ experience is intuitive and they get real value from the solution in hours.

With any software solution there are the 10% of features that everyone uses and the 90% that they don’t think are relevant to them – but sometimes, a little knowledge of these other areas can reap real benefits when it comes to providing a month end report that is a little out of the ordinary. Also, our easy to use interface also has other features and functions that can be used in creative and perhaps unintuitive ways, and we hope that some of these more advanced ‘Tips and Tricks’ are ones that speed up your reporting cycle even more.

We have created a library of short videos that enable you to get the very best from both your Dynamics AX and NAV ERP and from PrecisionPoint.

Covering topics such as:

PrecisionPoint Reporting

  • How to use the standard template reports
  • How to create multi company reports
  • How to create top 10 reports (customers, items, vendors etc)
  • How to format reports

Optimising your ERP

  • Multi company consolidation
  • Common currency
  • Setting up dimensions in NAV and AX for reporting
  • Configure the chart of accounts for optimal reporting

Example Video

The videos cover everything from introductions for brand new users right through to deep dive videos for power users and IT staff. These aren’t glossy marketing blah, blah videos! They’ve been created and presented by subject matter experts who work with the system every day, and who spend a lot of their time training new and seasoned users, so they know what people need to know at all stages of their learning path.

This video is just a sample of  what we have. There are many 100’s of others just waiting for you to view and learn from.

Find the videos here