Unique delivery approach

The best of both worlds

In the ‘Build versus Buy’ debate, many clients do want a reporting solution that is easy to configure but works straight out of the box. At PrecisionPoint we have worked hard to ensure that our solution isn’t a bag of bits that need assembly, or a pre-set solution that requires clients to adapt their business to fit the reporting tool rather than the other way round. It is also important that the successful delivery of PrecisionPoint doesn’t rely on an army of consultants to make it work.

Instead, we apply the 80-20 rule – that at least 80% of your requirements will be met out-of-the-box, with the remaining 20% spare for custom configuration to make sure our product is a really snug fit for your business. 

“Seeing your own reports built during the demonstration was proof enough that we were looking at a fully functioning product.” David Heusel – Owner, Georgia Construction Products

Quick to deliver benefit

According to Gartner 70% of BI projects fail. They go on to state that a major part of the problem is that it just takes too long to deliver benefit so that by the time the solution is built-the Company has moved on and the solution is no longer relevant to the changed situation. PrecisionPoint is designed to deliver benefits within weeks, not years.

Find out more about our ‘5 steps to Awareness’ process to get you up and running quickly ;

“It used to cost a lot of money to build a cube but Precision Point creates a useable cube out of the box. I was writing useful reports within one day.”Terry Orletsky - Vice President of IT, the Ken Blanchard Companies

Ongoing managed service

PrecisonPoint Software made a design decision during the initial design phase 12 years ago that is unique in the reporting world. We knew that unusual data sets can produce reports that look sensible, but which aren’t accurate or auditable. We wanted to eliminate that, so PrecisionPoint is designed to run as a managed service where our trained people regularly check on the underlying health of the system, and can report potential failures or data issues to our clients before they even know that they have a problem.

Find out more about how our Guardian system actively monitors your data here ;

“We like the fact that we can write our own reports or we can outsource to PrecisionPoint, if we prefer. We design the reports and they build them. They are very responsive and cost effective and their input has accelerated our ability to deploy financial BI reporting.” Martin Pitson - Vice President of IT and CIO, BTI Systems

Team of experts at hand

We only work within the  Microsoft Dynamics world. That laser focus not only has an impact on the quality of our products, but also on our support capability. PrecisionPoint Software have now worked with so many different styles and sizes of organizations that there isn’t a Dynamics reporting problem that we haven’t encountered before. Yes, we have a team of experts, but they are experts because they have helped in so many different client scenarios.

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