Solve the reporting challenge for users of Microsoft Dynamics AX2012

Andrew Mennie Product

david_sOctober 8th 2012: PrecisionPoint Software today announced the release of a Microsoft® Dynamics AX2012 enabled version of its Business Intelligence (BI) Software. This new generation of scalable and cost-effective software that combines BI with granular financial and operational reporting has been the subject of intense development and rigorous testing in recent months. The product is now the most complete and powerful reporting application for AX2012 in the market today. As PrecisionPoint for Dynamics AX also supports earlier versions of AX, any company planning an upgrade will be able to build their reporting system on the existing version and seamlessly transition to AX2012.

Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 promises and delivers on many new features and benefits for the end user. Many of the benefits have been achieved by major changes to the database and a redesign of the tables and associated logic. However, it is these changes that have made generating reports harder. The launch of PrecisionPoint’s BI solution for Dynamics AX2012 is good news for companies struggling to learn the new concepts associated with AX2012 and have found that some of their favourite reports have been discontinued as AX2012 has substantially fewer reports than AX2009 as standard.

Michael Evans, CEO PrecisionPoint Software said: “We are excited to release our new version of PrecisionPoint for Dynamics AX. The software solves the reporting challenge for users of Dynamics AX2012 and provides comprehensive business intelligence and reporting that delivers immediate value. Quite simply, PrecisionPoint for Dynamics AX provides a solution to the reporting problems AX2012 users are facing.”

PrecisionPoint is releasing the new version of its software in three phases with the first phase comprising Financials with cross ledger analysis available from October 2012. The new Advanced Inventory Analysis module for supply chain management is scheduled for release in November and the final release with full Financials Item Analysis for release in December 2012. As with all PrecisionPoint software, PrecisionPoint for Dynamics AX is available through our unique managed service, offering a low cost and low risk entry on a subscription basis.

David Stokes, Head of Product PrecisionPoint commented: “We are pleased to say we have overcome the technical difficulties posed by the substantial changes to the underlying Microsoft Dynamics AX data model, to deliver a product with the same power and flexibility for which we are renowned. We recommend that companies with AX should implement PrecisionPoint for Dynamics AX as an immediate solution to their BI needs, avoiding reporting difficulties and to benefit from self-service reports that can be produced quickly by end-users.”

A webinar on Thursday, 11th October at 3.30pm GMT p.m. – ‘Solving the reporting challenge surrounding AX2012’ – will explain how the BI capabilities of PrecisionPoint can be utilized to provide high quality interrogative analysis for organizations using AX2012.