Easy, direct transaction level reporting

Solution Overview

The PrecisionPoint Singleview module allows transaction level reporting directly from the PrecisionPoint database.  Users will be able to create transaction / operational listing style reports without the need to access the PrecisionPoint hypercube

The information can be accessed using tools such as PowerView, PowerPivot, Excel or MS Reporting Services where users can apply formatting as required

Solution Features and Benefits

  • All the transactions are within a single table in the Singleview module. Users will not be required to understand the complex nature of the ERP system in order to access the transactions they require.  All sales transactions, GL journals, budgets, purchasing transactions, orders etc. are all accessible from the same location.
  • The data is presented with easy to understand names as opposed to the underlying system names in the ERP system.
  • As Singleview reports query the PrecisionPoint database and not the live Dynamics installation, performance of the ERP system is not compromised as could otherwise be the case

Examples of solution in action

  • Sales invoice listing for the current month with the ability to filter by a range of criteria such as salesperson, region etc.
  • Outstanding sales orders list by customer showing all the detailed line information.
  • List outstanding purchase orders by vendor and item.
  • GL account analysis: identify all the source transactions for a specific account at the lowest level of detail.
  • Cost Centre transactions: List all the transactions for a cost centre / division etc regardless of their source ledger.  Therefore view all the purchase, sales and GL transaction line detail in one report.
  • Aged debtor information. Many more……