Webinars reporting on the world of Reporting and Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics

Andrew Mennie Webinars

Webinar – Common Auditing Issues – and a resolution path

Our customers tell us that

Auditing your Dynamics ERP setup is critical for new implementations, upgrades, and well maintained existing systems.

Without proper visibility to the sub-ledger detail that is flowing into the G/L, you may unknowingly have inaccurate document postings. This can result in additional G/L journal entries, bad analysis, and ultimately bad decisions.This webinar covers  how PrecisionPoint can help you identify and monitor your Dynamics system’s data quality.

Webinar – From Pivot Tables to Dashboards – which front end BI tool is best for you?

How do you choose which front end BI tool is best for your organisation?  With so many options to choose from (Excel, Power BI, Add-ins, Dashboards, SharePoint) view this webinar to see them in action and gain the knowledge to help you decide


WEBINAR: How to guarantee a successful BI implementation.

Gartner say less than 30% of BI projects meet the objectives of the business and that it is the ‘Analytical’ challenge rather than the technology that is causing so many failures. Join the PrecisionPoint Webinar to see how anyone with a Dynamics ERP can address the Analytical challenge and deliver a BI that succeeds on every level.


WEBINAR: Build your NAV and AX analytics with PrecisionPoint

Did you know that the average company produces over 100 reports on a regular basis from their NAV or AX systems today? No wonder companies are always looking for a better BI solution. But there are so many solutions available today where do you start?

Evaluating Business Intelligence solutions can be a daunting task. With so many solutions available today, knowing what’s available and where to start looking can be overwhelming. Front-ends, back-ends, cubes and data warehouses can all play in the equation and of course there is the Microsoft BI stack. When you understand the solutions available to you, coupled with an understanding of your business requirements, selecting the correct solution just became easier. In about 45 minutes, we’ll tell you what is available today and help you get started on the right foot to solving your business problems.