Solution Comparison

Five things that you will only get from PrecisionPoint

  • Guaranteed accounting integrity so that all reports can be trusted and intrinsically proven from a demonstrable reconciled  audit trail that is always available
  • An Excel-based report design and analytics tool with web publication and distribution capability, where reports, KPI’s and dashboards are created using business logic rather than technical knowhow
  • A solution designed specifically for finance and business professionals enabling them to build, edit, publish and distribute reports with unprecedented levels of automation
  • A powerful multi-currency and multi-company consolidation capability, extending AX and NAV functionality to offer daily reporting and sub-ledger detail.
  • A fully managed solution ensuring that your data is always up-to-date and accurate

PrecisionPoint Focus

  • Quick to implement
  • Fast and flexible
  • Automated Accounting integrity
  • Focused on Close to Report (C2R)

PrecisionPoint Connect

  • Consistent operational reporting
  • Sales, inventory, customer and financial alignment
  • Publish and distribute using Excel, web reports, dashboards etc