Precisionpoint launches Advanced Inventory Module

Andrew Mennie Product

Microsoft® Dynamics AX and NAV  users.

20 November 2013: Business intelligence software provider, PrecisionPointhas today announced the availability of a new release of its Precision Point Advanced Inventory module for PrecisionPoint business intelligence (BI) software

The PAI module enables an organisation to manage and track its inventory, from purchase order and receipt into the warehouse through to customer orders and eventual shipment.  A firm understanding of the entire supply chain can be obtained from a single view of the Dynamics data.

Solution Features and Benefits

  • Analyse and understand the various facets of your supply chain in a single integrated view of the data such as
  • Supply side:  Open purchase orders, receipts, vendor delivery performance
  • On hand inventory:  Trend historical volumes and valuations by site and warehouse, identify slow moving inventory, view inventory ageing reports
  • Demand side:  Open sales orders, shipments, delivery performance
  • Future Inventory:  See the projected impact expected shipments and receipts will have  on inventory levels
  • Users will not be required to understand the complex nature of the ERP system in order to access the information they require.

Kevin Stanway, Business Intelligence Consultant at PrecisionPoint Software, comments, “There is no practical limit to the depth and detail of reporting that this module enables. Every company that has inventory needs to know projected and historical shipments, receipts, balances, and slow and fast moving items.

The new module enables managers to analyse current inventory volumes and valuation by warehouse, site, product group, item, size, color etc. But even this level may not be enough to ensure that the rights decisions are made. We therefore also enable managers to have the right data to answer questions like:- Are we managing our inventory levels effectively?  What are our trended inventory levels by site, warehouse and product?. Which items are reaching, or have reached their expiry date?, as well as being able to analyse and trend shipments by vendor and receipts by customer, site, warehouse, product group, item etc.

We have been able to give this level of detail in our accounting intelligence solution, this is now available for the inventory side of the business”