PrecisionPoint has made the unobtainable, obtainable.

Andrew Mennie Uncategorized

gcpcsGCP operates a hosted environment and does not employ IT staff. Not having people familiar with SQL and AX reports made accessing the data held by Dynamics AX difficult. According to David Heusel: “Everything had to be outsourced – with no Business Intelligence it was difficult to get hold of even a gross profit report.”

David Heusel started a review of the Business Intelligence market to find an easy to use solution that would allow the leadership team to make quicker and better decisions. He quickly realized that he wanted to pursue the cube approach and that the software should be Excel based. As a result, three systems were short-listed and David asked for feedback from existing users on their strengths and weaknesses.

Two of the three short-listed systems were quickly ruled out following comments on the cost of building a cube, the potential of black holes and the level of technical expertise needed, leaving PrecisionPoint the only BI platform still in the frame.

David explained what impressed him about PrecisionPoint: “I particularly liked the fact that the Hypercube takes a holistic view of the business so there is no need to decide what goes into it. As an accounting major, the fact that PrecisionPoint starts from the GL account and drills further into the detail also proved a huge selling point.”