PrecisionPoint and the Close-to-Report (C2R) cycle

Focus on reporting excellence and lightning speed

The main constituents of an optimised Close-to-Report cycle include:

  • Spending time analyzing rather than reconciling data
    The close-to-report cycle

    The close-to-report cycle

  • Focusing on quality, control and accountability
  • Distributing workload and minimising bottlenecks and “Gatekeepers”
  • Having 100% confidence in certifying financial statements
  • Standardizing and simplifying policies and procedures
  • Automating consolidation and minimizing manual adjustments
  • Streamlining the flow of information for all regulated documents
  • Improving credibility of the Finance function both internally and externally
  • Reducing compliance costs
  • Focusing on adding strategic value

Each of these requirements are fully supported by all our products

  • All PrecisionPoint products are designed by NAV and AX accountants for NAV and AX accountants
  • They are designed to support the demands of the month end close. By shortening timeframes dramatically and automating  mundane tasks the Finance department are able to provide a much higher level of service. This enables the Finance function to have time to influence business decisions rather than just reporting on them – and use best-of-breed concepts and solutions to achieve that
  • Our products address the fact that the standard financial reports of NAV and AX are functional but often too rigid in their format and limited in their scope. In order to respond quickly to new report layout requests from the board/shareholders/management teams, PrecisionPoint Focus presents the Finance user with all the ingredients necessary to design any GAAP compliant statement or report in any format
  • This is achieved without the risks often associated with large off-line spreadsheets or lengthy Excel cell-formulae and links. Our methods transform Excel into a simple to use, super-light presentation and distribution device
  • Requests for “a new column on this report” or “a new report in the board pack” are dealt with promptly and effectively
  • Our products exploit all the skills of today’s NAV or AX Finance user as well as utilising their existing Excel skills

If you want to produce accurate, reconciled, auditable reports at month, quarter and year end, and need those reports produced quickly and distributed via Excel, then PrecisionPoint is the solution for you

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PrecisionPoint is designed as a suite of products that interact and interlink with each other. For a comparison of the main core products please click here