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Dynamics 365 and NAV 2017 compatible.

Exciting news for customers considering upgrading to the latest Dynamics 365; we are now in delivery mode, implementing Dynamics 365 with some of our clients in North America and already live with NAV 2017 systems in the UK. With significant changes in the solution set from Microsoft, we have kept up with the pace, ensuring that PrecisionPoint remains compliant with each iteration of Dynamics.


For any clients looking to upgrade their Dynamics system to the latest versions, we would be delighted to show how we can move you forward to the latest versions – please contact us at






New “Month-end Module”

We are delighted to announce that we have a new module which can make a staggering difference to your “refresh” timings, reducing them to less than 5 minutes in many instances, so that you can close month-end much faster.  This is a real win for large, complex ledger stacks and an excellent result for the finance department and will even make a difference for smaller implementations as it helps to achieve faster and easier management accounts.  This is available for legacy Dynamics implementations with an upgrade, as well as for customers moving to NAV 2017 and Dynamics 365. To learn more please contact us at




Patent awarded in US

We are hugely proud and excited to report that we have been awarded all instances of the patent for which we applied.  This includes our approach to sub-leger integration and the ways in which we integrate data back into the General Ledger. This is the fundamental IP of our solutions which has been unilaterally granted and so that puts us in a unique and significant position to be able to help our clients with their data integrity. For us it validates the critical role we play in building quality, valid data, upon which all other processes depend.




Precision-Point working in partnerships




Pyramid Analytics

We continue to work with Pyramid Analytics who are releasing a new version for 2018 that takes their best-in-class dash-board to new levels with greater interaction.  We favour the Pyramid Analytics over other tools as our customers benefit from their advanced functionality for exception reporting, collaboration and publication.  The new 2018 data front end will see customers getting greater insight, at a glance in a simplified and straight forward manner. We recognise the different needs of users with the Excel Add-in being key for finance and business analysts who need to “mine” the data and have visibility of the data across the multiple tiers of the data warehouse – for which please check with support that you have the latest version as that is included in your support package!

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A successful ERP implementation is only concluded when the customer gains true insight about their business and this is rarely achieved through the ERP solution alone. A new ERP system that went live a month ago is going to struggle to compare year on year figures or spot historical trends which are important data points for most businesses.  This is where Precision-Point and our data warehouse and business intelligence expertise becomes important to provide the full picture .  Our recent case study with our partners Armanino in the US gives some excellent talking points for anyone with an ERP implementation that thinks there could be improvements, or indeed for ERP delivery partners who are looking to provide a more complete portfolio offering for their customers.  Please contact us if you would like a copy of the full article or you are interested in partnering.


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