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Reshaping BI tools around MS Dynamics


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As a business focussed 100% on Microsoft Dynamics, we are proud to be ranked by CIO Review among the 50 most promising MS Dynamics providers. This recognition means a lot for PrecisionPoint team that strives for excellence in the solutions we develop and services that we provide to meet customers’ needs.

CIO Review interviewed Andrew Mennie – PrecisionPoint’s CEO bringing to MS Dynamics users a better understanding about PrecisionPoint’s journey and how the company effectively addresses the challenges in Microsoft Dynamics arena. CIO Review – Andrew Mennie interview and more.


“Customers will benefit from our reconciled BI warehouse

that enables user extendibility and external data integration.”

Andrew Mennie – PrecisionPoint CEO

This achievement was only possible because PrecisionPoint is a company built around the pillars of product quality and excellence in customer service that enable us to develop a trusting relationship, supporting our customers through continuous business change. For that reason, we would like to take this opportunity not only to share this good news with our customers, but also to express our gratitude for believing in us through the 13 years of PrecisionPoint’s journey.

Still not have PrecisionPoint?

If you are not an existing customer or partner, please do not miss the opportunity to see some of our customers’ success with PrecisionPoint Software. Here we have case studies that demonstrate how the powerful combination of PrecisionPoint and MS Dynamics has benefitted their businesses. We are always keen to hear from you, to understand your specific needs in order to quickly deliver benefit to your company too. Contact us

“If you have Microsoft Dynamics you should have PrecisionPoint”

Terry Orletsky – VP IT – Ken Blanchard Companies


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