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The Dynamics market continues to grow and innovate with, for example, greater adoption of cloud and Power BI. At PrecisionPoint we have always been at the forefront of this market and in this edition we look at some of the ways PrecisionPoint is investing and innovating to deliver solutions using these latest technologies and to become increasingly relevant across your organization. New team, new features, more happy customers!


New features available! External data Module (EDM) and Excel 2016

Last December we announced the availability of these two facilities. Some of our customers have already adopted these innovations to successfully address their needs. Do not miss the opportunity to report upon non-Dynamics and Dynamics data side by side and also to improve the visualization of your reports.

PrecisionPoint’s new EDM (External Data Module) solution empowers users to integrate previously unobtainable data into the PrecisionPoint BI solution, without the need for potentially costly customisation and professional services work, by providing the ability to seamlessly integrate data that resides outside of the ERP system into the PrecisionPoint data warehouse and cubes.

Excel 2016: the best enhancement is the direct integration with Power BI, enabling reports from Excel to be published straight into Power BI where they can be added to dashboards and shared with colleagues.

Customers’ Success

We recently received this great testimonial from our customer ZyXEL. We are proud and delighted to work with ZyXEL and to deliver beyond what is expected of us in terms of product and excellence in customer services. In a few weeks we will share with you the complete case study.

“The result has been fantastic and I have to say that PrecisionPoint is a very advanced tool with many options, but the support of PrecisionPoint with high skilled people was the most important for the success of the project”

Jannik Haargaard, ZyXEL VP Operations – Europe


Power BI – PrecisionPoint CEO’s point of view

Andrew Mennie, PrecisionPoint CEO, has been watching with interest the rapid acceptance of Power BI in the market and the powerful complementary visualization that it offers on top of the PrecisionPoint warehouse. Here we share three recent and relevant articles relating to this field.


imagesCA9XHPQ8 - satisfaction BI and Data Warehouse – Why wouldn’t you?

Freight train Jump on that Microsoft freight train or get run over – Power BI rolls on

untitled1 Why Data Governance before BI?

Breaking News

CIO Review ranked PrecisionPoint among the 50 most Promising Microsoft Dynamics Solutions Providers 2016.

There is more coming up on our Newsletter.

Our development team is growing

Tammy Reaume, Chief Solution Architect has recently hired new talented professionals to join the PrecisionPoint team to sustain our innovation push.

The one department that often stays behind the scenes unappreciated and unnoticed – usually until something goes wrong – is the development team. There have been a number of new faces added to the team this year so we thought this month we’d take the newest members out of the shadows and put them in the spotlight.

They all meet the PrecisionPoint employee pre-requisite of being passionate about what they do and although they haven’t yet been with us very long they are already bounding with ideas and drive to push the PrecisionPoint product to greater heights.

Time to meet the newest members of the development team:

bc5fd3af-4a85-4dfb-8f89-01add7a60b53[1] Fazal Elahi – Application Developer

1e274ace5cc3423c9b636a7747841e76 JJ Kilduff – Business Application Developer

614dde3f-68b1-44fb-8e2f-13ac112bd120[1] Robert Fallaize – Apprentice Developer

Last – but certainly not least is Matt. Although, Matt is not a new face in the company he has recently been promoted from Apprentice Developer to fully-fledged Software Developer. As congratulation to him we thought he deserved a spot here too.

95f7b1dd-6b6c-4a01-bdc7-ff4462cd527a Matthew Ledgard – Software Developer


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