Newsletter – December 2015

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Time really flies. It’s Christmas already.

First of all we would like to thank you for the business you have placed with us this year and your continued support. It is a privilege for PrecisionPoint to have you as a customer and that is what keeps us motivated to strive for excellence in the solutions we develop. Our aim stays same as ever – to add value to each and every client and to retain your loyalty and confidence in PrecisionPoint solutions.

In this edition of our Newsletter we are delighted to share some exciting developments, enhancement of our External Data Module (EDM) and the visualization opportunities of XLPublisher with Excel 2016. Our Chief Solution Architect, Tammy Reaume, and also gives her perspective on the recent Convergence EMEA 2015 event and the exciting roadmap that Microsoft are bringing together.

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As a team we would like to take this

     opportunity  to wish you and your families

a very Merry Christmas and

a Great New Year full of

happiness and successes!


Innovations 2015 – Ready for 2016!

  • External Data Module

PrecisionPoint’s new EDM (External Data Module) solution empowers users to integrate previously unobtainable data into the PrecisionPoint BI solution, without the need for potentially costly customisation and professional services work, by providing the ability to seamlessly integrate data that resides outside of the ERP system into the PrecisionPoint data warehouse and cubes.

Should you have data available in a SQL database, or any Excel based file, that you may want to analyse alongside your ERP data in a single source BI solution, then the PrecisionPoint EDM data tool will allow you to do so with minimal fuss! Simply configure your data source and destinations via the user interface and your data will be pulled into the PrecisionPoint system with your scheduled update ready for you to analyse against your business needs.

For several years we have been doing this with budgets and forecasts held in Excel, no problem!

Increasingly we are seeing the demand for SQL based CRM data to be analysed alongside your actuals, again no problem!

In fact, any data that has a relationship with your ERP system that you may need to report upon can be referenced by the tool and integrated with your core information.

To find out what PrecisionPoint EDM can do for your business, just enquire, we may well revolutionise the way you think of reporting. contact us.

  • Excel 2016

PrecisionPoint are pleased to announce XLPublisher compatibility with Excel 2016.

Another aspect of this new Office release which has us excited is the introduction of more in built visualisation features.

Previous versions have been quite limited with the visual offering and it’s great to see some new charts and the inclusion of 3D maps to enhance your presentation capabilities.

For us, the best enhancement is the direct integration with Power BI, enabling publishing of reports from Excel straight to Power BI where they can be added to dashboards and shared with colleagues.

If you plan to look closer at PowerBI, and PowerBI reports will be embedded in new releases of AX and NAV, then we’d love to talk to you. Developing PrecisionPoint solutions that are fully compatible to PowerBI is a core element of our product roadmap and as such we are actively engaged with the Microsoft product teams in North America.


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PrecisionPoint @ Microsoft Convergence EMEA  

30/11/15 – 02/12/15


PrecisionPoint is 100% focused on the Microsoft Dynamics market and we were excited to exhibit at the recent Microsoft Convergence EMEA in Barcelona. It was a great opportunity to discuss Power BI with customers, prospective customers and partners. In addition, Tammy Reaume, our Chief Solution Architect, was given free rein to attend as many of the presentation tracks and workshops as she could. Here she describes her Convergence experience…

The times they are a’ changing…

Tammy Reaume – Solution Architect

Convergence EMEA in Barcelona! I saw the sun! To all of you who like me live in Britain and haven’t seen it in a while I can assure you it’s still there.

After 3 days of keynotes, breakout sessions, and catching up with old friends and making some new ones – I left with sore feet, a bit of sleep deprivation, and a brain spinning like a top with ideas.

CRM 2016 was released and AX7 demos were non-stop. Not only do they play well together they also talk to each other easily as well – so much so you don’t even have to leave one application for the other to make it happen. Finally!

Clouds, Clouds, everywhere Clouds! What can you do with them, how do you make it safe and secure – not new topics for those who already have or those looking to take the plunge (or is that skydive?) – but still all very interesting to learn what Microsoft is doing to address this and help make implementing and managing it easier.

Plus not just any old cloud will do anymore. Oh no – what you want is an Intelligent Cloud!

And it’s all going to happen on the IoT!

Internet of Things: the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

 I have attended many Convergence’s over the years but had opted out the last couple of years. I am so glad I went to this year conference.   Why? Well it looks like Microsoft has finally combined their new products and technologies together with their messaging and have formed a cohesive story, and it sounds and looks good.

Having been served lots of kool-aid over the years I was quite surprised to find that this year I actually wanted to take a few sips. That doesn’t happen very often as I’m more of a wine person!

It’s not just for the trailblazers and for those on the leading edge anymore.

How technology is implemented, delivered, and consumed in the majority of businesses is going to look very different in 5 years.

Contact PrecisionPoint…

If you are interested in hearing more about any of the topics in this newsletter, please do contact us. Have a wonderful and restful holiday!