New module makes it easier to manage the supply chain

Andrew Mennie Product

mike_ePrecisionPoint Software launches Advanced Inventory Analysis for Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta)

London & New York: May 24th 2012: PrecisionPoint Software has launched its new PrecisionPoint Advanced Inventory module (PAI) to allows users of Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) business applications to more effectively manage the supply chain by using a single solution that addresses both reporting and analysis.

PrecisionPoint Software ( is at the forefront of delivering comprehensive self-service Business Intelligence (BI) through an on-site managed service, which works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Its rapid deployment and low cost of entry subscription model makes it particularly attractive to mid market organizations that need an affordable solution to the BI dilemma.

The new PAI module delivers powerful inventory reporting and advanced business intelligence that moves beyond sheer reporting to analyse the ‘why’ behind the most complex of questions. PAI enables an organisation to manage and track its inventory, from supply and receipt into the warehouse through to demand and eventual shipment. The integration of inventory movements, costing, reservations, and all product orders into a single view enables powerful inventory analytics. It makes inventory performance information accessible with pre-built analytics that provide instant visibility from day one of the rollout and delivers the answers to questions such as ‘what are my best and worst performing inventory items from a cost, revenue, turnover and margin perspective’ and analyses the inventory from numerous perspectives.

The drag and drop interface is intuitive and users can create their own analytics easily without needing technical help in a move that will help to keep costs down. The solution comes with extensive pre-defined formulas and reports to help with common calculations ranging from formulas for relative time to statistical functions and OLAP operations.

“Wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers will benefit immensely from the advanced inventory analysis provided by our new PAI module,” commented PrecisionPoint CEO, Michael Evans. “They will be able to monitor more closely inventory levels, vendors and organizational performance through a single integrated solution for both reporting and analysis. By combining reporting and adhoc analysis with advanced capabilities, users can have a high impact on the operational