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Reporting the way it should be

This month has been fascinating in the world of Accounting principles. AICPA and CIMA,have teamed up to create a set of  standards, and we have noticed a gentle change in conversations with our customers as they think more about expansion and acquisition, rather than solely considering the impact that the global recession had on their business.

30 Years of stagnation

CIMA / AICPA Accounting principles

We find it interesting that CIMA / AICPA have just started a 90-day consultation programme for the formation of Global Management Accounting Principles.

‘’The Global Management Accounting Principles have been developed to support chief executives, boards of directors and chief finance officers to benchmark and improve their management accounting practices and processes to meet the needs of their organisation, both effectively and efficiently”

Read the report   Here

PrecisionPoint March 2014 Newsletter. NTT select PrecisionPoint

How to guarantee a successful BI implementation

Gartner say less than 30% of BI projects meet the objectives of the business and that it is the ‘Analytical’ challenge rather than the technology that is causing so many failures. Join the PrecisionPoint webinar to see how anyone with a Dynamics ERP can address the analytical challenge and deliver a BI solution that succeeds on every level

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PrecisionPoint March 2014 Newsletter. Webinar:Power BI

Data driven benefits

Michael Evans, PrecisionPoint CEO was recently interviewed about the benefits of adopting a more data driven culture to optimise the benefits that are starting to appear as the global recession starts to ease

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Olivia Parker

Olivia Parker