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January is seen by most cultures as a time for change, a time to look forward to new opportunities, a time for renewal.

I was looking through the Sunday broadsheets and the predictions for economic growth ranged from slightly negative to hugely positive-the pundit’s crystal balls were certainly not tuned to the same channel!

So, let’s go back to the old way of forecasting the future!

Back in medieval times, a flat cake was put on one of the horns of a cow in every farmyard. The farmer and his workers would then sing a song and dance around the cow until the cake was thrown to the ground. If it fell in front of the cow that signified good luck; to fall behind indicated the opposite.

Do tell me how you get on with your cow!

PrecisionPoint and Armanino Join Forces in Exclusive North American Distribution Partnership







Bracknell, January 16th 2015 – PrecisionPoint, the global Business Intelligence (BI) Software developer, announced today that is has signed a partnership agreement with Armanino LLP, a top 100 accounting and business consulting firm based in California and one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics Partners in North America. Under the terms of the agreement, Armanino becomes the exclusive North America distributor for PrecisionPoint in a move that provides tremendous potential for the company to expand its footprint in this valuable marketplace. Armanino is a Microsoft Inner Circle and Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM partner and among the top 1% of partners in the world with over 1000 Dynamics customers.

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PrecisionPoint in the same company as Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney!











Well this was a turn up for the books! We were mentioned in the same article in Accountancy Live as these world class fashion designers.

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Ventana Research





Ventana Research have come to exactly the same conclusions that we have when we look at the performance of Accounting      Teams when they aren’t using tools such as PrecisionPoint

The research points to key areas where finance departments can increase their impact on their company’s performance:

– Close the books even faster:  57% of companies take more than five days to close the books; 73% believe it should be four days or less

– Decrease spreadsheet use:  Only 27% of companies that describe themselves as heavy users of spreadsheets are able to complete their close in four days or less compared to 49% of those that use them in a more limited fashion.

– Cut the cost and burden of regulatory compliance:  Ventana Research asserts most changes supporting a faster close also promote financial control and compliance. We found 47% of respondents believe spreadsheets pose a control issue. Of the total sample, 32% are looking for ways to implement better controls while 15% are looking for a replacement.

– Improve visibility and responsiveness:  Finance departments need to provide executives with more leading indicators – only 50% of those surveyed get enough of this information.  They must collect, analyze and distribute sufficient data about the world outside the corporation. More than three-quarters (79%) stated they receive too little information about their competitor’s performance.

– Increase information adequacy:  Only 54% of the firms sampled provide individuals with adequate details about their own performance.

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