PrecisionPoint Makes Life Easier for Everyone

Microsoft Dynamics is an excellent business tool. Unfortunately, it cannot do everything that management want it to, even when all the relevant data is in the system. But by using PrecisionPoint as the Dynamics reporting solution, everyone can get exactly the reports they want, without assistance or interventions from IT.

And it will reduce your workload

With Microsoft Dynamics alone, reporting and analysis takes too long, costs too much, and only provides fragmented reports rather than the detailed information that finance, sales and other management departments really want. This is because the technology won’t allow certain types of reports to be generated.

How we can help…

This frustration is completely removed when PrecisionPoint is deployed alongside Microsoft Dynamics. And that also removes demands for your services to help with report building and information access!

PrecisionPoint is a proven software tool that enables users to dig deeper into the data in your NAV or AX system, and interpret it exactly how they wish, rather than in the restricted ways that Microsoft Dynamics allows. We can deploy it for you in just a few days, without modifying your existing system.

Built on Microsoft’s BI stack

Used in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics, PrecisionPoint offers a different approach to data analysis that removes the restrictions of Microsoft Dynamics and replaces them with a more flexible, more responsive and more versatile way to get exactly the required data.

PrecisionPoint is approved and certified for Dynamics NAV and AX. It addresses the data handling limitations of Microsoft Dynamics by restructuring the data into a more flexible, better-integrated form that enables in-depth, user-defined analysis and reporting. It is an automated solution that interrogates the Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX ERP system and creates a separate data warehouse. This approach avoids compromising the transactional speed and efficiency of the Microsoft Dynamics implementation.

Ensures seamless integration and compatibility

PrecisionPoint is built on Microsoft’s world-class technology stack. The standard database and OLAP technology leverages Microsoft’s SQL Server. Seamless integration of end-user desktop tools such as Excel and SharePoint provides users with the shortest learning curve. And because we use Microsoft’s database technology, .Net framework, Web integration strategies, SharePoint, and Reporting Services, the contents of PrecisionPoint are accessible to everyone that has the need (and security rights) to do so.

What we offer…

PrecisionPoint is a proven software solution that unlocks the hidden data within the existing Microsoft Dynamics system. It leverages Microsoft technologies and is fully approved and certified by Microsoft for Dynamics NAV and AX.

PrecisionPoint is very IT-friendly. It can be configured and installed by the PrecisionPoint team in just a few days, rather than weeks, and it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics. Changes are automatically synchronised and the data is accessed through a user-friendly dashboard.

Changes are auto-synchronised and checked

Whether you operate from a single location, or as a global multi-company group, the data within PrecisionPoint is automatically synchronised. This means that every day, PrecisionPoint captures any changes made to the ERP system. If a user adds a new account, department, product, or location, it automatically detects the change and adjusts accordingly. That keeps the reporting and financial information synchronised and accurate. Automated process checks ensure that the adjustments are completed and reconciled before the new data is put into production.

  • Reports are faster and easier to produce, without needing help from IT
  • PrecisionPoint is scalable and customisable, so it can grow and change with the business
  • Centralised security control ensures that only authorised users can access sensitive data

Remote diagnostics ensure total reliability

Guardian Support is a remote support service provided as part of the PrecisionPoint package. This ensures ongoing reliability (with virtually no downtime) and minimises the involvement of the IT department. And security is assured, as no financial data is transmitted during the remote diagnostic routines. Please contact us for full details.