Guardian – Actively monitoring your system

We monitor your system every day – so you don’t need to


Our unique Guardian system monitors the health of your PrecisionPoint system, 24 by 7, and will automatically notify both you and us if anything looks untoward. Then, our dedicated support team actively monitor these notifications using a traffic light system so we can proactively fix any issues – often they are resolved before you even know that you’ve had a problem.

This maximises the up-time of your system and reduces the load on your IT function – one less application that they have to worry about! This is all standard, and part of the unique managed service that PrecisionPoint provides.

The Guardian checks include

  • Checking for inconsistencies in your Microsoft Dynamics AX or NAV data or breaks in the audit trail, which may lead to missing analysis
  • Automated notifications if the daily data refresh fails to update for any reason
  • Warnings if disk space is getting low
  • We also provide statistics designed to highlight potential issues before they become serious

Once issues have been identified, our dedicated support team will respond pro-actively, keep you informed and work with you to resolve these emerging issues.

Our clients tell us that this process is a clear example of the fact that we work in partnership to ensure that you can have the highest level of confidence in your reports

Guardian Disk Space Usage
Guardian Process Cube Timings
Guardian Fact Table Count

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