shutterstock_153998516Extend Dynamics NAV and AX to get self-service analytics

When you use Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX, you have world-class enterprise resource planning software. However, because Dynamics is so complex, it is difficult to get the reports and analysis you want, even when all the relevant data is in the system. But there is a simple, cost-effective solution

You’ll be able to get exactly the reports you want

By using PrecisionPoint as your analytics solution, you can realise the potential of Dynamics to get precisely the information you need.

It will be automatically generated, presented exactly as you wish, and self-reconciled to ensure consistent and total accuracy.

        How we can help…

Remove the barriers to Improving your Business

To build your data warehouse, we comprehensively and automatically restructure your data in a way that removes the barriers in Dynamics that stop you accessing the information you want. This approach avoids compromising the transactional speed and efficiency of your Dynamics implementation. Then, once the barriers are down, for the first time ever, you’ll be able to get exactly the answers you’ve been searching for.

Better ROI, lower TCO, higher productivity

PrecisionPoint unlocks the hidden data within your Microsoft Dynamics system, enabling the latent potential and value of your investment in Dynamics to be fully realised.

In relation to your original expenditure on Microsoft Dynamics, the additional cost of adding PrecisionPoint to your ERP armoury is comparatively low, and the benefits from it will rapidly repay the investment.

How we help…

With Microsoft Dynamics alone, reporting and analysis takes too long, costs too much, and only provides fragmented reports rather than the detailed information you really want. PrecisionPoint removes those barriers.

What we offer…

No other BI solution for Microsoft Dynamics comes close to PrecisionPoint for low total cost of ownership. It’s a reliable and cost-effective way to gain an edge over your competitors.

Reliable Information that Reduces Risk

The business benefits of PrecisionPoint are considerable. In fact, they are so significant, they will give you reliable insights that will change the way you view your business. Instead of being forced to use data that is devalued by inaccuracies, you will have 100% accurate, fully validated information: data in which you can be confident.

Secure, Enhanced Business Intelligence

PrecisionPoint reduces the risk of using inaccurate or incomplete information and sets you free to concentrate on what the validated figures actually mean, rather than struggling to find the information you want and then wondering why the numbers don’t add up accurately.

PrecisionPoint is available without the disruption and high cost of a lengthy bespoke project. It is a straightforward, cost-effective reporting and analytics solution that immediately starts saving time, money and effort throughout your organisation.

It can be deployed in just a few days, with no need to modify your existing system. And it’s reassuringly secure: all security is centrally controlled, ensuring that only authorised users can access sensitive data.

A user-friendly dashboard gives the full picture

Whether you operate from a single location, or as a global multi-company group, your data is automatically synchronised so that you can view your entire organisation through an executive dashboard that you can be confident is accurate and up-to-date.

PrecisionPoint is a fully integrated and reconciled data warehouse designed for multi-dimensional reporting and analysis. This means that the user can analyse any piece of information from any perspective, in whatever level, ledger, module or granule the answer resides.

Because the customer, vendor and inventory data has been intricately woven into the financial statements by PrecisionPoint, users are able to gain much more insight into data that is traditionally presented in a one-dimensional format. For example, customer and vendor profit and loss statements allow you to view the impact each one has on your company’s bottom line figure. Breaking this down further to inventory items, you are provided with a detailed understanding of how each product line affects the overall company performance in terms of revenues, costs, volumes and margins.