Every Byte Counts…

Andrew Mennie Blog


Every month millions of lines of software code are thrown away with little regard for the environmental impact this is having.  Old pieces of code are left strewn across hard drives, or worse, abandoned on the internet to be forever adrift on the web.  Due to the non-biodegradable nature of code you will still find once loved but now unwanted software, such as ‘Pong’, still floating around the ether.  Software code is also notoriously difficult to eradicate – no matter how many times you think you have scrubbed a hard drive clean, some trace of it always seems to remain (have you tried removing 30-day trial anti-virus software recently?)

At PrecisionPoint we are committed to taking every step possible in reducing the impact of our software on the environment and as such we embrace the ‘Reduce, Recycle, Reuse’ principles of environmental policy.


We are always discovering ways to reduce the amount of code our developers produce by making it ever more efficient.  We are also looking to eliminate the noise pollution prospective customers are exposed to.  Instead of sending a sales person to talk your ear off and keep your phone ringing for months on end, merely run this piece of hyper-efficient code instead:

If [ERP] in (‘Microsoft Dynamics AX’ , ’Microsoft Dynamics NAV’)

then [Invest in Business Intelligence] =‘Yes

else [Reporting Hell]= ‘True


Where possible the latest releases of our software reuse code salvaged from older versions of our products.  Firstly the reusable old code is carefully extracted in a controlled environment using a patented ‘Control C’ process.  The extracted code is then carefully inserted into the new product using our cutting edge ‘Control V’ process.  Finally, when upgrading customers to the latest versions of our products we are always mindful to carefully place any old software in the recycle bin.



toxic  PrecisionPoint endeavour to reuse software code wherever possible, so gone are the days of custom building solutions from scratch.  Our software is designed such that it can be installed time and time again.  Unfortunately we do occasionally encounter IT departments that have ignored the hazards of building a BI solution themselves.  Done incorrectly, and without specialist knowledge and equipment, this often culminates in users being exposed to toxic results which then contaminate their reports.  Many a time PrecisionPoint has been called in to clear up the resulting mess.



fullSustainable and locally sourced:

All our developers are locally sourced from a sustainable pool of talent. They are encouraged to thrive in their natural habitat of long hair, beards, cut off t-shirts, shorts and sandals.  Once they have passed their useful life we put them out to pasture, usually in a darkened room where they are able to watch Star Trek for the remainder of their natural days.