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Ten top tips coverpageTen Tips for Achieving Accounting Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) has promised for many years to resolve once and for all the information problems that plague organisations of all sizes. So why are FDs and CEOs still struggling to obtain critical financial information in 2014?

In an era of on-going economic challenge, FDs and CEOs need better, faster, more trusted information. If BI fails to meet the financial reporting needs of the business, then it will fail. So how can you ensure that your BI is a help not a hinderance to you and your organisation?

In this e-Book you will discover the key steps required to transform this situation and provide FDs with rapid access to relevant, detailed, trusted financial information including:

  • Determining the true requirements for financial information
  • How to involve FDs in Business Intelligence decision making
  • Embracing a new data model
  • How to make the supplier prove accounting intelligence
  • How to achieve financial insight

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