Demonstration Summary

PrecisionPoint Demonstration Summary

Screenshot A: Illustrates the power of integration into a single cube to easily create dashboards.  It also illustrates out of the box availability of budget and forecast analysis, gross profit (based on costs in value entry table), and inclusion of sales order (purchase order also available but not included in screenshot) detail

Screenshot B: Illustrates the integration within our data warehouse and hyper-cube.  GL postings, which are sourced from customer, vendor, and direct GL journals are integrated into one report allowing for full reconcilation and auditing.

  • PrecisionPoint provide XLPublisher, an Excel-based power tool for designing unrestricted formatted reports.
  • Powerful filtering capabilities
  • Powerful user-defined calculations (e.g. % Growth this-year-to-date vs last-year-to-date)
  • No developer/coding skills required – it compliments your Excel skills
  • Seamless rotation and navigation

Multi-dimensional financial statements

  • One data connection to access one integrated transaction table.
  • All historical transactions at the lowest level of detail
  • Sub-ledger transactions and fields
  • Sub-ledger master table fields
  • Self-reconciling and validated
  • Unrestricted reporting
  • Automatically built
  • Remotely monitored

The single transaction table means:

  • Easy-to-create transaction reports
  • Built with Excel and a single data connection
  • Reconciled to the financial statements
  • Possible to use Pivot Tables, PowerPivot, SSRS, Crystal Reports, or other.
  • Separate Report Server = no impact on the Transaction Server

 Sales Person from the Customer Table
Product Group from the Inventory Table

  • Intuitive and reasonable report requests are easy to fulfil.
  • Cross ledger analysis can be performed against the bottom line from the financials.
  • Self-reconciling: no need for separate reconciliation reports, all the reconciling items are in one place.

Info sourced from GL, Inventory, Sales & Purchase Ledger.

The Cube: From the top down. High-level hierarchical data browsing is easy.

  • One data connection.
  • 3 clicks and then go anywhere.
  • Rapidly navigate pre-aggregated data.
  • Unrestricted: analyse any area of the business by any dimension.
  • Drillthrough to the same single supporting table – full detail just one step beyond.

Sales from the financials by Customer by Item.

  • PrecisionPoint powers charts as well as tables
  • One data source minimizes dashboard creation effort.
  • Cross-ledger analysis
  • Automatically self-reconciling

Integrated Customer and Product information

  • A specialist Advanced Inventory module is provided.
  • Versatile reporting of inventory balances, trends, location, valuation, stock projection.
  • Same principle of integration applies but here to the physical perspective rather than the financial.

Flexible inventory analysis against a single source

  • XLPublisher allows the business user to define complex calculations and KPIs.
  • Highly flexible – and no coding required
  • E.g. Stock Turn, Days on hand, Stock Ageing, Time/Cost/Budget Variance analysis, Alternative totalling…

< Here, an Inventory Turnover calculation based on the rolling 12 month average stock level

  • Fully compatible with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • A web-based reporting tool you already own.
  • This example shows SSRS in SharePoint but SSRS can also run independently.
  • Same rules apply: having one data connection, be it to table or cube, means greatly simplified report-writing and reassurance that previously disparate reports are now reconciled.

Date and cost centre filtered P&L

  • Dashboards entirely written against the single integrated source

This dashboard demonstrates info originally sourced from the GL Chart of Account, Accounting Period and Budget tables; Inventory tables; Dimension definition tables; Customer master tables, Sales Invoice & Credit and Sales Order tables,utilising PrecisionPoint’s intelligent relative time analysis.