Common Currency

Reports from across the globe in one currency

Solution Features and Benefits

  • Reporting across multi-company Dynamics implementations with different base currencies using a single nominated currency.
  • Reporting available for all companies in the original base currency.
  • Exchange rates used for conversion can be located in either of the following:
    • The Microsoft Dynamics Currency Exchange rate table
    • A file / SQL table with the appropriate exchange rates for each currency and time period.
  • Conversion method options are flexible but typically follow the following format *:
    • The Financials Module typically converts Profit & Loss transactions at a daily rate whilst the Balance Sheet is converted at the reporting date rate.
    • The PAI and PPA modules are typically configured to convert transactions at the posting date rate

Examples of solution in action

A Dynamics install with 3 companies (USD (Head Office), CAD and GBP) will be able to report each company in its own currency while head office can report them all in USD. A Dynamics install with a single company needs to produce its financial statements in both USD and GBP.

Profit and Loss demonstrating reporting in local and common currency

* The above conversion rates are the defaults used during installation but can be configured to meet specific requirements.