One view  across multiple Dynamics installations

Consolidator can be implemented in one of two different modes

  • Satellite mode:Provides a single consolidated view at head office plus separate installations at each satellite company
  • Head Office mode: Provides a single consolidated view at head office with no installation at the satellite companies
  • Companies will then be able to perform all the analysis available to PrecisionPoint users that have a single Dynamics installation
  • Optional data mapping configuration for Head Office and Satellite modes. If any data mappings / translations need to be performed between one or more of the Dynamics ERP companies then additional configuration can be implemented. Examples include mapping satellite company product codes to the Head Office equivalents, or a satellite chart of accounts to a consolidated head office chart of account structure.

Examples of solution in action

An organisation that has multiple installations of Dynamics (typically with databases physically located in separate countries) can implement PrecisionPoint such that it appears as though all entities are contained in a single instance. In conjunction with the PrecisionPoint Common Currency module (PCC) it is then possible to report across all companies in both local and head office currencies.