Connect across the enterprise

One reconciled view of the whole enterprise – it should all be so easy!

The Business simply need:

  • shutterstock_157957760Access to connected and organised information from one source
  • To produce reports that are consistent, accurate and auditable and simple to produce, modify, distribute and use
  • Single reports that contain information from the NAV or AX General Ledger, Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger and Inventory Ledger
  • To produce reports in a format that the users want – dashboards, e-mail, Excel, web-pages
  • To report across different operating companies in different locations, perhaps with different currencies

Surely NAV and AX can do that…? No they can’t

PrecisionPoint Connect has been designed to solve these and many other issues associated with reporting on the the key metrics of any organisation running on AX and NAV, thereby allowing the Finance function to have time-to-influence rather than spending their time trying to resolve inconsistencies

PrecisionPoint Connect is the only solution that

  • Allows for any breakdown of the consolidated bottom line profit
  • Is systematically aligned with the financially-compliant core of NAV/AX
  • Does not require separate reconciliation reports
  • Embraces BOTH Excel and non-Excel report delivery – Excel, Web, Email, Dashboard – thus recognising that business individuals have individual tastes and individual requirements

PrecisionPoint is designed as a suite of products that interact and interlink with each other. For a comparison of the main functionality, please look here