Company Profile

logotranbackgroundPrecisionPoint is redefining the way that BI is delivered to companies using Dynamics as their ERP.

The BI database is generated automatically by the Software and contains every transaction the company has ever processed through their system. Accounting integrity is at the heart of the PrecisionPoint approach and the full audit trail is always available to prove any number.

PrecisionPoint monitor every system they install and guarantee that the BI database is always in lock step with the ERP, so it can be relied upon to deliver consistently accurate results.

PrecisionPoint deliver their software as an on-premise managed service and are the only BI company to accept responsibility on an ongoing basis for the integrity and accuracy of the BI database.

PrecisionPoint can automate every aspect of the ‘Close to Report’ cycle and achieve massive reductions in the time to close – see the NTT case study on our website.

Consolidation is an integral part of the system and Multi-company / Multi-currency systems are dealt with on a GAAP compliant basis. In contrast with the standard consolidation functionality found in Dynamics which offers summary information (Trial Balance) on a monthly basis, PrecisionPoint offers daily consolidation down to the detail held in the sub ledgers enabling management to get a complete picture of what is happening in the business everyday.

Produce reports from any operational focus – Sales, Procurement, Logistics etc, in the certain knowledge that they will reconcile precisely to the numbers reported by Finance

The system provides a powerful report writer aimed at business professionals, with full publishing and scheduling capabilities enabling companies to get reporting out of the IT department by empowering end-users.

With dual operational centres in the USA and UK, PrecisionPoint has customers in more than 30 countries.

An approach to BI that is demonstrably different. Try us, no long term commitment required.