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We give insight and ease of reporting to all your key company data. The powerful combination of our PrecisionPoint data warehouse integrated to PowerBI gives a unique visualization of all the transactional data (from sales, purchasing, inventory etc.) so that you can easily spot trends, opportunities and issues. The single data warehouse guarantees accuracy and integrity as well as speed of access as it is fully integrated into your Microsoft Dynamics transactional engine. PowerBI brings the flexibility and convenience of allowing multiple ways to look at your information – a true 360 degree view of your data. Gone are the days of someone being the custodian of your data, you have your own joined up reporting engine and dashboard – like a pivot table on speed. It’s that simple – you can now pull whatever report you need and know it is accurate. Not only does this apply to previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and CRM but also to other leading BI tools such as Tableau and Qlik.

PrecisionPoint Software is a global software company with offices in both the UK and US and a customer base spanning 20 different countries in 4 continents.

From small beginnings

Back in 2002 a group of ERP consultants & SQL experts were getting tired of beavering away trying to build BI solutions to provide much needed reporting and analytics for their clients.  One day they stopped, took a step back and thought: “Why are we spending so much time building individual solutions for each customer, when each customer is trying to solve the same problem? What if we could build a product that would do this for us?”

So four individuals decided to take a leap of faith, quit their consulting jobs and set about writing software which would create a data warehouse in minutes and bring all the financial information from a given clients’ ERP system into a single cube.

Reporting out of an ERP system – it shouldn’t be that difficult!

Everybody said it couldn’t be done.  “You think you can build a product that will enable users to drill down from the General Ledger to find out where every transaction came from?” Yes! “You want to combine sales, purchase and inventory into a single cube so you can see the relationships between them all?” Why not?! “No, no, not possible”, they said.  “Just you wait and see…” we replied as we ripped up the rule books and set out to prove them wrong.

Making the impossible, possible

With Microsoft’s SQL Server 2000 product establishing itself in the marketplace, complete with new ‘Analysis Services’ OLAP cubes, the technology was becoming available to support this dream.  Around the same time, Microsoft purchased an ERP system called Navision, so we sweet-talked a Navision reseller into giving us access to a Navision database to begin our research.

By 2004 we had a product that we could be proud of and so we started to file patents covering our techniques of merging the sub-ledgers and GL together – these techniques allow us to re-create the audit trail and integrate the ERP sub-ledger and GL entries into a single cube for analysis.

Finding our niche

As our customer base grew, so did our team –  in some cases our customers loved us so much they came to work for us! Our NAV product came of age, and to satisfy the demands of our customers we extended it beyond just the General Ledger into Supply Chain Management and Projects.  Then we took what we had learned and built an equivalent product on top of Axapta (now Dynamics AX).

Because of our in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of Dynamics NAV, AX, our customers – and their resellers – often contact us for advice on their systems. Customer experience and data quality are at the core of what we do, which is why we have a team of experts on hand to monitor, maintain and support our customer’s PrecisionPoint installations. We become an integral part of our customers’ organization, as they run their businesses based on the data we provide.

PrecisionPoint is the only 100% Dynamics-focused financially-reconciled data warehouse solution on the market that provides full profitability analysis, in full detail, by whatever dimension you want, i.e. Company, division, project, product line, retail store, customer, etc.

Businesses can be up and running with PrecisionPoint within days or weeks and we provide professional services to get the most out of your data throughout your use.

Our solution is designed for AX (back to V4), NAV (back to V4) and CRM, and has a sophisticated interface for integrating data held in systems outside Dynamics.

We are actively looking to support Dynamics channel partners in making their clients successful and have an attractive partner program in place to ensure that partners can develop profitable business with us.

PrecisionPoint can be accessed by whatever front-end your users or your IT teams wish. We believe that Microsoft’s PowerBI is the best way to visualise your Dynamics data but we also provide a strong Excel based financial report writer and we support integration with other front-end tools like Tableau and Qlikview.

13 years on and we are still the only company to offer software that understands the ERP audit trail and provides accurate, reconciled data to its users out of the box.