Common Auditing Issues – and a resolution path

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Our customers tell us that

Auditing your Dynamics ERP setup is critical for new implementations, upgrades, and well maintained existing systems.

Without proper visibility to the sub-ledger detail that is flowing into the G/L, you may unknowingly have inaccurate document postings. This can result in additional G/L journal entries, bad analysis, and ultimately bad decisions.

Come and spend 30 minutes to learn how PrecisionPoint can help you identify and monitor your Dynamics system’s data quality.

  • Product-centric G/L account postings
  • Vendor postings to sales accounts
  • Dimension coding – Op Ex
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Item groupings
  • Customer groupings
  • Audit synchronization across companies
  • G/L Journal visibility
  • Sub-ledger sources for G/L
  • Inventory reconciliations
  • Elimination Entries Visibility

But how can these tasks best be carried out ? 

Learn more in this 30 minute seminar to be held on August 21st at 4pm – 4:30GMT time(11:00-11:30 EST, 8:00-8:30 PST)