Did you choose the wrong ERP system?

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Now that could open up a can of worms!  You may question your vendor or the professional service company that implemented the solution, or even the assessment process that defined your requirements but let’s break it down to a more fundamental question – do you get the information you need from the system?  Do you have an information gap?  

Perhaps it’s not the ERP system per se, even if the system does not yield the real “Business Intelligence” you need?  If you are unable to undergo the analysis, or extract the reports you need to make good business decisions, then you are possibly being hampered by the BI tools you have at your disposal?

We know this from experience, as this is often the time we are brought into projects and we know categorically that the implementation of a data warehouse can make all the difference.  Implementing a data warehouse is common practice at the enterprise level, but a mid-market business has the same keen need for knowledge and insight and this can be limited by the use of an ERP system without the resources to provision a data warehouse.  So it is less; “Did I buy the wrong ERP” but more “Did I build in the resources to provision for a data warehouse so that I can optimise my ERP?”

An ERP system and the generic reporting tools do not solve the problem as decisions may require information from legacy systems and disparate sources that are not inherent in the ERP system.  And despite the marketing documentation of the more popular ERP vendors and reporting solutions, this requires another piece to the data puzzle.

Understanding the data required and the journey it might take through your processes is half the story.  To complete the picture, you may need to build in a data warehouse to bring trends to life and make comparisons possible. 


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