RMD Kwikform enhance Dynamics AX BI

Andrew Mennie

By the time requested information from Dynamics AX BI had been generated, the need for it had usually passed. RMD Kwikform knew business intelligence was a must-have.

Their Challenge

RMD enhance their reporting in Dynamics AX BI reporting with PrecisonPointPrior to PrecisionPoint, RMD Kwikform only had access to Dynamics AX BI and could only access limited information from SSRS reports. Whenever a bespoke report was required, an IT specialist would have to be called in to help. According to Mike Follett, managing director, RMD Kwikform UK, by the time the information had been generated the need for it had usually passed.

A firm believer in the value of Business Intelligence, he said: “Business Intelligence is a must-have. Too many businesses still make gut-based decisions rather than decisions based on fact.”

Business Intelligence is a must-have for Dynamics.

Mike Follett - Managing Director

The Benefits

PrecisionPoint software was installed in the UK in June 2009 and over the last three years; Mike Follett believes it has helped the executive team to better manage the business.

He is an enthusiastic user. “I personally use a lot of the reports and I consider it a daily tool. PrecisionPoint speeds up the process of interrogation and allows us to access a common version of the truth so that we can make decisions based on fact. Too many businesses still base their decisions on edited versions of information.”

“The software allows us to get to information quickly. The biggest benefit is that it allows you to go back and ask second and third questions at speed to really understand what is happening without the need for an IT specialist to produce bespoke reports.”

The Results

Following a successful pilot implementation in the UK, RMD is to roll-out the software to operations in 26 countries so it can leverage information on a global basis. The number of users is set to increase from 15 to 85 and the company now plans to introduce web reporting for 70 users.

“By extending the use of PrecisionPoint, we will be easily able to carry out reporting and analysis of our companies at a global level with all information brought together so it is comparable. PrecisionPoint takes the data directly from Dynamics AX, so we can be sure we are dealing with one version of the truth, without facts being massaged at a local level,” Mike Follett commented.

“PrecisionPoint plays an important part in providing valuable information that helps the company outperform all our competitors, year on year.”

Key Benefits

  • Brings all information together so it is comparable
  • One version of the facts directly from the journals of AX
  • Helps to improve the management of the business through the availability of quality information


RMD Kwikform provides formwork, falsework and shoring solutions to the global construction industry. With projects ranging from the massive Yongdam Dam in Korea through to Wembley Stadium and Cardiff Arms Park in the UK, RMD sits at the heart of the construction industry supply chain.


  • PrecisionPoint for Dynamics AX
  • Reporting using XLPublisher, Excel add-in


  • Limited reporting via MSRS from the Dynamics system
  • IT specialist input required to create bespoke reports
  • Too great a time lapse between request for information and deliver


  • RMD has outperformed its competitors year on year
  • Plays an important part in in providing valuable information
  • Allows access to information quickly