Ken Blanchard enhances their Dynamics NAV Reports

Andrew Mennie

The Ken Blanchard Companies are fortunate to have Terry Orletsky as VP of IT. He knew only an extraordinary Business Intelligence (BI) Solution would be up to the job.

Their Challenge

PrecisionPoint helped Ken Blanchard create a great user experience through PrecisionPoint Dynamics NAV reportsThe Ken Blanchard Companies are fortunate to have Terry Orletsky as vice president of IT. A former software code writer with long years of experience working in database design and coding, Terry knew exactly the scale of the challenge the company was facing and realized that only an extraordinary Business Intelligence (BI) Solution would be up to the job.

A review of the market for a BI platform revealed PrecisionPoint which is designed to ‘lift the lid’ on data held by Microsoft Dynamics NAV system – the company’s data-laden ERP system. What Terry knew was that built-in Dynamics NAV reports were insufficient for the needs of the company

Following an initial presentation, the PrecisionPoint team created a coherent data warehouse in a matter of days that included all the dimensions required to produce the answers to the questions the leadership team would be likely to ask. This proved an important factor in the decision process as Terry had seen many BI solutions fall apart if asked a question that had not been anticipated by the IT team.

Terry convinced the executive team to trial the software through a subscription licensing agreement to allow PrecisionPoint to prove its worth. He said: “I went back to the CFO and told her that this software works and most importantly, the numbers are right, something that was difficult to achieve with the built-in Dynamics NAV reports. I convinced her that the subscription deal was worth doing, especially as we had been told that if we went on to buy the system, the subscription charges would be credited minus the set-up charges.”

If you have Microsoft Dynamics NAV you should have PrecisionPoint.

Terry Orletsky - Vice President of IT

The Benefits

One of the key benefits for the Ken Blanchard Companies lies in the fact that they were able to discover the potential of PrecisionPoint and more importantly, what BI of this caliber would deliver, without having to invest in the software up front.

Terry continued: “There was a lot of effort by PrecisionPoint to create successful scenarios for the leadership and they haven’t looked for a lot of compensation.”

Terry Orletsky, vice president of IT, Ken Blanchard Companies said: “I don’t know of any other BI solution that starts at the data layer and presents the cube in such a short space of time. Most BI systems out there concentrate on the presentation layer and rely on the user to create the data connection. This becomes an obstacle and a recipe for BI failure that PrecisionPoint has surmounted. I believe PrecisionPoint is one of the more affordable BI solutions. It used to cost a lot of money to build a cube but Precision Point creates a useable cube out of the box. The video training provided is outstanding. I was writing useful reports within one day.”

The Results

The BI-driven analysis has helped provide new reporting capabilities to a recent restructuring of the company into 5 separate business units.

In terms of time-savings for the analysts, Terry Orletsky refers to them as ‘enormous’. He cites the example of an in-depth review of the organisation’s telecommunications bill. This involved digging out thousands of transactions and spending 60 hours ‘normalizing’ the data in Excel. The result of the exercise was the saving of $65,000. With just a little PrecisionPoint experience, the report was re-created in less than 2 hours and this was subsequently reduced to just 8 minutes. “PrecisionPoint can save so much time and such a lot of what the analysts do is drudgery; resurrecting data and putting it into Excel.”

The Ken Blanchard Companies have now made the decision to move to a capital deal – “In the long-run, a capital deal is more economic – and the software will be hosted on the premises.”

Key Benefits

  • Ability to trial the software with minimal up-front costs
  • Accuracy – ‘the numbers are right’
  • Easy to learn


The Ken Blanchard Companies is a global leader in workplace learning, productivity, performance, and leadership training solutions, helping companies improve their performance, productivity, and bottom-line results.


  • PrecisionPoint Software
  • Distribution using Excel and Web
  • Subscription model subsequently converted to capital


  • To provide analysis to support new financial model
  • To reduce time spent on production of critical financial reports
  • To allow breadth of reporting


  • Time savings in report building – 60 hours reduced to 8 minutes
  • Uncovered profitable areas of business that have been ignored
  • Provides the answers to all potential questions