Georgia Construction Products

Andrew Mennie

With no IT staff, reporting from Dynamics AX was difficult for GCP. Following a rigorous selection process, PrecisionPoint was chosen to provide much needed Business Intelligence

Their Challenge

GCP operates a hosted environme1nt and does not employ IT staff. Not having people familiar with SQL and AX reports made accessing the data held by Dynamics AX difficult. According to David Heusel: “Everything had to be outsourced – with no Business Intelligence it was difficult to get hold of even a gross profit report.”

David Heusel started a review of the Business Intelligence market to find an easy to use solution that would allow the leadership team to make quicker and better decisions. He quickly realized that he wanted to pursue the cube approach and that the software should be Excel based. As a result, three systems were short-listed and David asked for feedback from existing users on their strengths and weaknesses.

Two of the three short-listed systems were quickly ruled out following comments on the cost of building a cube, the potential of black holes and the level of technical expertise needed, leaving PrecisionPoint the only BI platform still in the frame.

David explained what impressed him about PrecisionPoint: “I particularly liked the fact that the Hypercube takes a holistic view of the business so there is no need to decide what goes into it. As an accounting major, the fact that PrecisionPoint starts from the GL account and drills further into the detail also proved a huge selling point.”

A demonstration sealed the deal by using ‘live’ GCP data to produce a set of 8-10 core reports. According to David, “Seeing your own reports built during the demonstration was proof enough that we were looking at a fully functioning product.”

PrecisionPoint has made the unobtainable, obtainable. 

David Heusel - Owner

The Benefits

Straight away, GCP was able to access the type of Business Intelligence it had longed for. Data from the AX system has been distilled into reports that suit the business, revealing the answers to questions such as ‘who are the top customers?’ and ‘what are our top products?’ PrecisionPoint has made the unobtainable, obtainable.

An upgrade to Microsoft Office 2010 has recently further enhanced GCP’s use of PrecisionPoint, allowing reports to be published to key members of the team so that they can refresh them. David estimates that this is saving the accounts team at least 2-3 hours per week on running reports and their distribution to the sales team and management.

David added: “PrecisionPoint works and the reports it produces, are right. It has made it easier to manage our sales team and realistically, it has helped the sales team to focus on and see more easily customer gains and dips.”

The Results

The burden of determining which sales managers and vendors are doing well has been lifted, according to David. “PrecisionPoint has helped us to see exactly where we are growing and if there is a gross margin erosion, we can pinpoint changes without delay. We now have the means to access data and to act quickly.”

For GCP, the outlook is even brighter now it has installed the PrecisionPoint Inventory module. David concluded: “We have high hopes for the PAI module and due to the short shelf-life of our products, the inventory ageing report will be a huge help.”

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective
  • Easily maintained – GCP does not employ IT staff
  • Designed so that reports can be created without external consultancy


GCP is a specialized wholesale supplier of construction products. Formed in 1991, the business employs over 20 staff, is based in Tucker, Georgia and runs Microsoft Dynamics AX. David Heusel owns the company and was instrumental in the selection of PrecisionPoint Business Intelligence Software. The system went live in January 2011.


  • PrecisionPoint for Dynamics AX
  • PrecisionPoint Inventory Module
  • Reporting using XLPublisher, Excel Add-in


  • Actionable information from dormant data
  • Self-service reporting – no internal IT staff
  • Cost effective solution and comprehensive analysis


  • Leadership team has fast access to accurate and detailed information based on GCP’s business rules
  • Manages risk by alerting leadership team when specific thresholds are met
  • Time savings