Budgets – use IT or lose it

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How many software products do you have that sit idly by?

Have you really got the ROI out of your software licenses or are some just shelf-ware?

This is a more common question in the old world of capex purchased solutions, whereas subscription based SaaS solutions allow for a more flexible approach to provisioning and tracking.  But in the mission-critical world, where many systems have yet to be migrated, and companies are reluctant to take that step, this is still very much an issue.

Does your ERP fit rather too snugly into this category as you believed so many more people in your organisation would need a user-license? And what about your BI solution, does that also ring a resonant bell?

Not surprisingly since fewer than 30% of BI projects

meet their objectives and provide the expected level of insight. 

In some instances, this can be from a lack of understanding of the requirements or even due to a battle over ownership, integrity and input of the data.  Maybe security is an issue, or maybe the whole project was “over-sold” to you?  The net, net is; what does your BI solution and shelf-life have in common? They are getting rather dusty and under-used.

So how can I make use of the enormous amount of data I have lying around in disparate forms inside and outside my ERP, that won’t allow me to slice and dice or cross examine the information or to share securely as a basis for decisions?  Think data warehouse! 

Implementing a data warehouse that understands the logic of the ERP solution you are using can bring an enormous amount of data into the fold, so that now more people across the organisation can see the value and hence will use the system.  More people are gaining benefit from the system already in place which can now provide cross company integration of data and reports that brings meaning to the wider team.

Now you are using your IT and realising the promised ROI.


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