e-books – Understanding the financial audit trail

financial audit coverpageUnderstanding the Financial Audit Trail

Almost two decades since the introduction of packaged business intelligence (BI) solutions, the vast majority of mid-sized organisations are still struggling to understand essential financial and performance information – and making poor decisions as a result.

Given the investment that many companies have made in ERP systems and associated BI tools, it is surprising that this is an on-going problem. Many companies still derive key reports through the manipulation of spreadsheets that then require reconciliation back to the ERP system to ensure their veracity.

It is time to accept that generic BI is never going to realise its promise – certainly for the FD or CFO – and embrace a solution that delivers true Accounting Intelligence.

Within this e-Book you will discover the requirements for business change to fully embrace BI solutions to your advantage. Key points include:

  • Need for BI system to contain a full understanding of the audit trail
  • Need for BI software to understand the accounting conventions that are engineered into the ERP system
  • Encouragement for the finance department to utilise the BI solution for reporting and analysis

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