1. Preparation

Following an introductory briefing with our implementation team, you will receive a Welcome Pack with details of what we need from you to begin the installation.  This includes a server for us to install on, and access to your Dynamics AX or NAV database.

2. Installation 

We will install our software on your server and run it through against your Dynamics AX or NAV data.  This can be as quick as a couple of hours.

3. Validation

Our experienced consultants will validate your installation, running checks against your data to ensure it is being read correctly and, where necessary, improving the GL-to-Sub-ledger integration where relationships haven’t been picked up automatically by our integration engine.

4. Configuration 

As soon as the installation is in place and run through, one of our business consultants will schedule a series of web-based meetings with you to show you your data in PrecisionPoint.  Together we will identify and highlight any basic configuration changes needed to tailor our system to your business, such as changing names to match your business’s language, which we will then make for you.

5. Presentation

This is where we formally hand over the system to you through an onsite visit known as your ‘Awareness Day’.

The morning is spent with us presenting your Dynamics AX or NAV data in PrecisionPoint to your company and demonstrating the different sorts of analysis you can get using PrecisionPoint.  Anyone is welcome to attend this session and we encourage as many people as possible to attend.

The remainder of the day is then spent giving a hands-on introductory training session, showing you how to connect to PrecisionPoint and write basic reports.

This is not the end, this is only the end of the beginning…250-videos

From this point, you are ‘live’ on PrecisionPoint with a system which is being actively monitored and maintained by us. You will have access to My PrecisionPoint, a customer portal with 100’s of short videos covering many aspects of PrecisionPoint.

Not only that but your PrecisionPoint system is being actively monitored by our team of experts on a daily basis – to see how we keep our fingers on the pulse of your system, click here.

Where next?

Together we will plan the next phase of your PrecisionPoint journey.  The focus now is on what you really want to get out of the system and what help and support you need from us to achieve your vision.

But don’t forget, all the while we are continuing on that journey together, your PrecisionPoint system is fully operational and available for you to interrogate your data and understand your business.