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Did you know that men are banned from knitting on Jersey during the fishing season from August to September, or that twenty-two per cent of Norwegians named August were born in August (the other 78% must be very confused!) Nope, neither did I.

In this month’s newsletter we look at common audit issues, the FT’s view of how data can be best structured, and Michael Evans continues his blog.

30 Years of stagnation
Common Auditing Issues – and a resolution path

Our customers tell us that

Auditing your Dynamics ERP setup is critical for new implementations, upgrades, and well maintained existing systems.
Without proper visibility to the sub-ledger detail that is flowing into the G/L, you may unknowingly have inaccurate document postings. This can result in additional G/L journal entries, bad analysis, and ultimately bad decisions.

Come and spend 30 minutes to learn how PrecisionPoint can help you identify and monitor your Dynamics system’s data quality.

  • Product-centric G/L account postings
  • Vendor postings to sales accounts
  • Dimension coding – Op Ex
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Item groupings
  • Customer groupings
  • Audit synchronization across companies
  • G/L Journal visibility
  • Sub-ledger sources for G/L
  • Inventory reconciliations
  • Elimination Entries Visibility

But how can these tasks best be carried out ? 

The webinar will take place on August 21st at 4PM BST, 11 AM EST, 8AM PST

AXUG and NAVUG, St Louis, 2014

The FT is a leader in data usage and insight and has heavily invested in this over that last 10 years, before Big Data was the buzzword it is now. But how do you make this happen in your organisation? This talk covers what it takes to get your organisation into shape to manage data and deliver real benefits from it, from both a technology and business angle.

This is a presentation by John O’Donovan who was appointed CTO of the Financial Times in March 2013 to lead the technology strategy across the development and operations teams.


PrecisionPoint March 2014 Newsletter. Webinar:Power BI

ERP and Consolidation – Plugging the gap
Mike Evans has created quite a stir in the marketplace with his straightforward opinions

His latest blog is about Plugging the gap between ERP and Consolidation. It sounds a simple topic, but Mike’s viewpoint might just make you think….


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Olivia Parker

Olivia Parker