Attending AX and NAV User Groups in Seattle ?

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noahbwInterested in Business Intelligence for Dynamics ?

Visit us at Booth 412

If the past is any indication of the future it won’t be difficult for you to find a Business Intelligence vendor on most every aisle in the expo hall. So how do you know who to talk to? We guarantee that the 5 – 10 minute demo that each vendor is planning will look great. And by the time you walk through all the aisles in the expo hall it will be hard to distinguish one vendor from another. But what if you went in with a plan? What if you knew what questions to ask? And what if you realized that the data that you need to analyze is equally as important as the look and feel of the charts that are being displayed? We thought we would give you a jump start and provide you with a few questions that we think are critical in the evaluation of a Business Intelligence solution.

1. Is your solution based on the creation of a dimensional data warehouse and hyper-cube?

2. What are the advantages of your cube architecture and why did you choose it?

3. Is the data in your cube(s) guaranteed to be balanced to the penny with the data in your Dynamics AX or NAV system every time it is updated? And if there is an out of balance situation, will I be proactively notified?

4. Do you have to download the software from the vendor and install it on your own or do they provide the implementation services for you? In other words are you buying a toolkit?

5. Will the software be customized based on your business rules? And if you need data that is currently located in external systems to be integrated into the BI solution will that be handled as part of the implementation services offered?

6. And last but not least, do you know where booth 412 is?

PrecisionPoint has the answers to these and many more questions. Please drop by booth 412 (thus the reason for the last question) to learn how we have answered these key questions, how we have solved the BI needs for companies across the globe and see what makes our solution unique.