shutterstock_125871293Enhanced Business Intelligence

PrecisionPoint is exceptionally easy to use for analysts generating reports and information. It has clearly organised and intuitive data structures that are instantly accessible via the Microsoft Office suite and Microsoft Business Intelligence tools, so you won’t need to change your existing procedures.

A reliable solution for Dynamics NAV and AX users

PrecisionPoint is a fully automated intelligent application that extracts, transforms and loads Microsoft Dynamics transactional data into a high-speed environment. It gives you rapid, reliable access to 100% accurate, up-to-date and fully validated data that will enable you to build reports more efficiently and confidently than ever before.

How we can help…

PrecisionPoint provides easy access to the data sets you want to interrogate but cannot reach with your existing BI capabilities. It will end the frustration of not being able to provide reports containing information that you know is there but can’t extract.

PrecisionPoint is a powerful proven software tool that enables you to dig deeper into the data in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX system – without any technical knowledge – and interpret it exactly how you wish, rather than in the restricted ways that Microsoft Dynamics allows.

Advanced sales, profitability, financial and inventory analysis

PrecisionPoint is the missing link in your toolbox that lets you produce in-depth user-defined reports that are integrated, validated, self-reconciled, and above all, 100% accurate.

Access all areas with ease

Reports can be built from scratch without needing to get help from the IT department or a Microsoft Dynamics expert, because the Software automatically prepares Dynamics data for analysis.

Profitability reports and margin analysis can be generated with exceptional depth and accuracy, because the software makes it easy for you to drill into any area of your business that any question demands.

Sales questions, no matter how complex, can be answered immediately, because PrecisionPoint is fully integrated, letting you drill up, down and across your Dynamics data into any ledger where the information you need is stored.

Supply chain and inventory analysis reports that normally take hours to generate can now be run in seconds, in interactive and multi-dimensional form, and with much greater information access than ever before.

What we offer…

PrecisionPoint is a powerful self-reconciling analysis tool that provides self-service business analytics with true data integrity. It removes the need to validate the provenance of data, by automatically providing a single auditable source of proof.

PrecisionPoint is optimised for comprehensive reporting and analysis, right down to the transactional level. Because of the design, the accounting relationships, postings, journal entries, and inter-company eliminations are reflected across all views in PrecisionPoint. This means that total accounting integrity is assured.

Real workflow benefits

PrecisionPoint empowers you to rapidly and reliably create advanced analysis and reports, based on current underlying data that is integrated, validated, reconciled – and 100% accurate.

  • Deadlines are faster and easier to meet, with validated figures
  • Conflicting numbers are permanently eliminated because everyone accesses a single set of validated data
  • Standard and specific reports are faster and easier to produce, without needing help from IT
  • Cross-ledger integration ensures that all numbers tie together correctly and logically
  • Profit and loss analysis is simple, straightforward and fast
  • You won’t need to change your existing methods, because the data will be automatically reconciled back to your ERP system

Valuable time-savings

You won’t waste time:

  • fire-fighting
  • trying to understand the complexities of your current solution
  • gathering data
  • validating the provenance of data
  • debating the accuracy and sources of figures
  • investigating problems and queries