AGC Chemicals gains powerful insight to financial data with PrecisionPoint

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AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc. imports and processes specialty fluorochemicals and distributes hundreds of products throughout America, North and South. Their ERP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, provides many out-of-the-box reports, but these don’t meet all of their specific reporting needs. For that reason, in late 2011, ACGC implemented the PrecisionPoint datawarehouse to replace traditional month-end-reporting and to generate on-demand financial information and accurate analysis.

The business intelligence solution benefits have now extended beyond the finance and accounting department, providing meaningful reports throughout the company and supporting decisions across the business – in manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics.

“When we pull the figures, we know they’re right and we know they are always going to balance to the general ledger, which is key for us” Bill Spofford, CFO and Director of Business Operations


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