Accountants – 4 reasons you deserve an easier life

Andrew Mennie Blog


It is time to stop feeling so bad for wanting to leave the office by 5 o’clock. You have worked very hard, please go home! And I don’t just mean today. You’ve worked your socks off since you set out on this high-flying career of finance and figures. Please remember that it is NOT normal to regularly be the last one out of the door. Yes, I know it’s month end but, honestly, that is no excuse. What about the next month end or the one after that? Stop being so conscientious. Your family need you. The dog needs walking. Go now, while your friends still know your name.

And another thing. Those paranoid feelings that the business is planting errors in your Microsoft Dynamics data simply to keep you working late are plainly delusional. Snap out of it! Sit down, take a deep breath and remind yourself the following reasons why your life deserves to be easier:

(1) You studied hard for this (for hours and hours) – the AICPA recommended you put in 300-400 hours of dedicated study time for the final CPA exam alone. What it didn’t recommend, however (and still doesn’t), is that you prepare for a career of 300-400 hour working weeks. (No, it’s not in the small print, I’ve checked).

(2) You have lost count of the number of data integrity reconciliations you’ve carried out for the business. You’ve untangled other people’s spreadsheet spaghetti. You’ve sensed deja-vu when de-coding and investigating ledger differences. At times your role has been comparable to that of a hairdresser finely combing the dreadlocks of an ageing Rastafarian… month after month after month…

(3) You’ve already been let down by promises of financial software packages which would solve your problems. You’ve been betrayed. You were allowed to dream but your balloon was popped by age-old problems of data integrity and inconsistency.

(4) You’ve wasted days hunting for data answers in your ERP like an aborigine tracking water in the desert. You quite simply deserve a rest.

Accountants – it doesn’t have to be this way. You CAN deliver accurate reliable information WITHOUT sacrificing your evenings. You CAN take control WITHOUT depending on I.T. You CAN do this with the aid of software which is designed for YOU. I know, I know, you’ve heard all this before. But today’s breed of BI software is different. It’s grown up and settled down. There are people who have staggered across the desert so you don’t have to any more. Seek out a BI solution with financial integrity. Liberation is not far away. You can now go home and return to your life.