250 pounds in your services account

No such thing as a free lunch!?

True – But with PrecisionPoint there may finally be time to get out of the office and buy one!

As an existing PrecisionPoint customer, hopefully you will already be aware of the benefits that our software can offer your business.  But are you leveraging the system to provide maximum benefits across the board, and to minimise expended time on reporting?

My task is to help you to achieve the best you can as a PrecisionPoint user, so we have credited your company’s account with 2 hours of consultancy, worth £250, that you can use however you wish toward this goal……

  •          You may have recently seen that we have a new release of XLPublisher – Why not take this opportunity to upgrade and use your free time to obtain a discount against an onsite training day?
  •          Struggling to find time to complete those pesky reports that the business needs? –  Use your free time and ask if we can compile those reports for you!
  •          Already an established report writer using our software? – Then why not advance your skills and learn additional techniques for data manipulation; book an advanced training session with us and see how far you can go!
  •         Need to automate your reporting? – Why not take advantage of XLGenerator, our report distribution product, to automate sending reports to your consumers and take 2 hours off of the cost of implementation!

If any of this relates to you, or seems of interest then please click on this link where you can learn more. I’ll be calling in due course and speaking to your PrecisionPoint sponsor to see how things are with your installation, so I look forward seeing if we can help to make that lunch break a little more likely.

If you would like to know more contact me, Ross Wendon, using the form below…


Please note that this is a limited time offer which expires on November 1st 2014

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